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Model No.RSI1602***-00
Display Type:STN(YG)/Transflective/Positive
Resolution:16*2 characters
Viewing Area:64.49mm*14.5mm
Operating Voltage:5.0V
Communication Interface:UART(RS232/TTL:5.0V)

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RSI1602YKR is a 1602 smart character LCD display for instrumentation. It can quickly and easily develop a variety of menu interfaces. It uses serial RS232/CMOS communication and can be connected to any host controller's RXD and TXD.

Our smart character LCD display can increase the selling point of the products you are developing and save development time. It is the solution for the industrial HMI user interface. Built-in English ACSCII and language customization in other countries such as Irving. In addition, you can quickly develop any application by connecting 5 buttons.


 Display Type:


 Viewing Area: 



 16*2 Characters

 Viewing Direction:





 Support software adjustable


 5 Keys

 Operating temperature:


 Storage Temperature:


 Operating Voltage:


 Communication Interface:



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