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What type of LCD is available?

In terms of degree of twist, we have TN, HTN,STN, FSTN & FFSTN.
In terms of background color, we have Black & White, Green, Blue & Grey. Making other colors is also possible by using additional process like "ink printing" ,or special material like colored polarizer & colored backlight.
In terms of lighting condition, Lcd should be reflective for non-backlighting, and transmissive or transflective which requires backlighting.
In terms of displayed pattern, we have digits, icons, characters & graphics.
In terms of operating environment, we have normal temperature, wide temperature, extended temperature, indoor, outdoor & anti-glare.
In terms of operating voltage, we have low , normal & high voltage.
In terms of display thickness, we have 2.7mm, 1.9mm, 1.6mm & 1.3mm. (+/-0.2mm


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